Cosmetic Artistry

Cosmetic artistry includes a variety of beautification services to the face and body such as lashes, brows, make up, tanning, and teeth whitening.
Lash Lift                         75
Designed for individuals with lashes, but want minimal maintenance.  When completed your lashes look like you have curled and applied mascara.  One application last approximately  4 to 6 weeks.  For extremely short lashes we recommend lash extensions.
Lash Extensions
Classic Full Set                                                                               185
A technique in which a single lash extension is applied to one isolated lash.  Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and some fullness to your natural lash line.  Classic lashes will give the appearance of wearing mascara.
1 week refill     30  
2 week refill     50
3 week refill     80
4 week refill   110
Volume Full Set                                                                              200
A more innovative technique where multiple extensions / 2D are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture.
1 week refill     40
2 week refill     60
3 week refill    100
4 week refill    140
Russian / 3 D Full Set                                                                      275
Russian volume lashes breaks through the limitations by anywhere from 3 or more super fine extensions applied to a single natural eyelash.  Russian lash extensions are applied in a fan like shape, which gives more volume too.
1 week refill     60
2 week refill     80
3 week refill    140
4 week refill    200
lash ectensions.jpg
Lash Facts & Care
The average person has 90 -120 natural lashes per eye.  Each eye can shed between 2 to 3 lashes per day.  
1 week = 21 lashes     2 weeks =42 lashes      3 weeks= 63 lashes
Lash fills should be done every two to three weeks to keep them looking beautiful.
  • DO NOT get lashes wet for 24 hour
  • DO NOT use any oil based products around your eye.
  • DO NOT use mascara
  • DO NOT tint, perm or lash lift your lashes.
  • DO groom your lashes daily with lashes cleaners recommended by your lash artist. 

Henna Brows  35

Brow Lamination 75

Eyelash and Brow Tint   40
Eye Lash Tinting   25
Eyebrow Tint   20
Tanning Session   30
We us South Seas organic tan solutions that last up to eleven days with proper daily hydration of the skin. Exfoliation prior to tanning is recommended.
Teeth Whitening   60
A brighter smile is just minutes away. We use Bleach bright Pro which is  FDA approved system recommended by thousands of dentists worldwide. A no damage, non peroxide, mineralizing system with results in just thirty minutes. Guaranteed two or more shades of brightening.
Make Overs
Airbrush Make Up   80
Natural Look  (Jane Iredale)   35
Personalized Day/Evening   65
Lashes Lesson Add On   15
Bridal Make Up (includes lashes)   100