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Body Contouring

Inch loss, slimming, tightening, toning and detox treatments.

Wrap me Up

60 mins.                                   
Wrap only   $99
Wrap with spa facial $169

A herbal detoxifying treatment that is ideal for anyone that is looking to effectively deep cleanse the body, firm and tone the skin, and promote inch and cellulite removal. There will be up to eight inches of overall inch loss after you first session.  An excellent addition to any cleansing or weight loss program! 

You may do up to one treatment per week, for up to six weeks for maximum results.

Body Measurements

Body contouring

60 mins.      $109       

A slimming treatment that is designed to improve cellulite appearance, stimulate circulation and naturally drain and decongest your legs, stomach or buttocks areas, leaving the skin tightened and firmer. A combination of natural extracts and enhanced an red light therapy assist in refining, and contouring your skin.

*Book a series of 4 to 8 sessions for optimal results.

Natural Beauty
Image by Nica Cn

Tighten Me UP
neck & Arms

60 min.      Neck    $119           Arms $139

Are you are tired of saggy, creepy skin on your arms and neck? If so, this is the treatment is just for you. This specialized treatment combines transdermal mesotherapy, EMS, and light therapy, with specially selected serums that have effective organic minerals and acids to stimulate the fibroblastic activity and increase the synthesis of collagens.

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