Blended Body  Therapy

At Oasis our blended body therapies are unique specialized whole body treatments that are more extensive  then a simple massage.  Our body therapies are designed to treat your entire senses, mind, and body.  Complete relaxation awaits.
Each service time includes the consult and dressing. 
Oil Massage
CBD Whole Body Relaxation                                   60 min.     99
Wrap your body in the soul soothing power of CBD! This non-psychoactive and anti-inflammatory treatment is designed for those of us with general aches, pains, muscular inflammation, joint pains, arthritis, or for those just looking to really chill out, relax and escape stress. CBD supports your body and its natural healing process and has a reputation for accelerating the recovery and healing process of connective tissue.  Your treatment begins with a total dry brushing to lightly exfoliate dead skin cells away, increasing circulation and preparing your skin to drink in the CBD infusions.  Your entire body will be infused in our special blend of CBD oils and creams, with our signature relaxing signature effleurage technique.  You'll melt into total relaxation on our heated bed and feel like you're floating on a cloud without a care in the world. Includes facial and scalp massage.

*All of our CBD products are 100% THC free, 100% vegan, and are non-psychoactive.
Rainforest Renewal                                          60 min.         109
Experience a realignment the body's mental, physical and emotional state through this warm and restorative touch therapy treatment.  Your journey combines the science of dry brushing, aromatherapy layering, warm bamboo rods, vita-flex, vibration, and pointed external massage techniques.  Benefits are to synergistically stimulate immune system, increase circulation to reduce joint discomfort, detoxify, restore, and balance the body.  A unique experience that induces a profound state of wellbeing.  
Corwie shell.jpg
Oasis Ocean Escape                                              60 min.     $99
The ultimate defense to stress is the warm and cool body relaxation treatment. Warm smooth tiger stripe shells and cool cowrie shells gently glide over you and infused special serums into your skin as your stress melts away. It's natures natural tropical therapeutic edge that helps in releasing your tension, reduce stress and relaxes your mind to an exotic ocean escape.  Includes head, face, hand and footology.
Blissful Retreat  (Facial & Body Combo)           120 min.        $198
This indulgent whole body relaxation retreat awaits you. Unwind while your entire face and body are restored. Our Oasis signature warm shell relaxation therapy revives your tired and fatigued body with rejuvenating techniques taken from our Bellanina facial includes cleansing, light exfoliation, 15 minute face lift massage, and a restorative masque.  Head to toe blissful rejuvenation.
Facial Massage
Oasis Spa Ritual                                                    45 min.     $60
This wonderfully relaxing ritual will delight you and recharge you for whatever comes your way. This focused upper-body ritual will relax your spirit and restore your energies. A blend of warm and cool stone therapies on the high tension areas will naturally reduce head, hand, neck and shoulder tension. This treatment can provide a deep release of stress as well as reduce swelling, soreness, inflammation, headache, migraines, sinusitis, hot flashes, puffy eyes, relax muscle spasms and encourage better circulation.  Add on a 30 minute warm footology treatment for only $50.
Banana Leaf Wrap     75 mins.                        $125
A tropical escape greets you when you arrive with a traditional Fijian foot bath.  Next your skin is prepared with a series of aromatic tropical blends.  Then a body wrap of fresh banana leaves envelops you.  This wrap  rescues and rejuvenates dry skin.   Restore, repair and replenish with this strengthening anti aging treatment for your body. Great for irritated skin, sunburns, skin inflammation, dryness eczema, post radiation and chemotherapy. This wrap is customized for your specific needs. Add a warm Fijian scalp massage to complete your head to toe ritual.  Our banana wrap is a unique experience that leaves you relaxed, and assists your body's own healing mechanisms to soothe and restore the  natural balance found in youthful skin.
One day in advance booking is needed. Sorry no same day reservations for this service.   P.S.  Don't forget the full body selfie to share with your friends. 
Massage Salts
Sand and Sea Rescue                            120 min.     $265

Boost circulation and target uneven your skin tone with this purifying, and detoxifying treatment. Combines specialized treatments and techniques to encourage your lymph movement and detoxification while inducing relaxation with a comforting cocoon wrap experience. Revitalize and restore your face and body with this must have anti-aging restoration treatment.  Includes skin brushing, detoxifying scrub,  warm aromatic herbal envelopment, spa facial, scalp massage and re-hydration with our signature relaxation techniques. Includes head, hands and feet.

Body Measurements
Wrap Me Up                                                   60 min.    99
 Enhance your treatment with a spa facial               169
This detoxifying herbal treatment is ideal for men and women looking to effectively deep cleanse the body, firm and tone the skin, and promote inch and cellulite removal. Up to eight overall inches per session. An excellent addition to any cleansing or weight loss program.  
Natural Beauty
Tighten Me Up                                          60 min.  98
Are you tired of saggy crepey skin?  Tighten and refresh your skin with this specialized treatment that combines special firming serums, radiofrequency, and light therapy for your neck, arms, stomach and thighs and begin loving the skin your in.
Optional Enhancements
Fijian Scalp massage   $15
Ear Candling (1set)       $50
Personal Sauna            $25
Footology                       $50
Reflexology Therapy