Hair Treatments



Hair length passed shoulders may have an additional fee for extra product cost. 
Perm and Body Beach Wave                                       95 - 125
Does not include haircut or blow out.
Glow Out Express (Frizz)                                     60 min.           75
Reduces the frizz and adds shine for 3 to 4 weeks
Inca Glow Smooth & Shine   90 -120 min.         300
  • A non keratin smoothing treatment that uses 11 organic amino acid complex and is formulated with natural & organic ingredients. Just smooth, shiny, beautiful hair.
  • Inca Oil rich in fatty acids  Omega 3,6,9. 
  • Vitamin A and E. 
  • No Formaldehyde. 
  • No Odor. 
  • No Burning or irritation.  
  • Lasts 3 to 4 months
  • Includes home care
Blonde Inca.jpg
Rescue System  60 min.     65
The Rescue hair system with its enhanced agent formula, provides strength, vitality, and a healthy hair-conditioning within a very short application time. Stressed and highly damaged hair will be repaired effectively. The porous hair-structure, as it often occurs after chemical services, will be repaired immediately and the hair will be brought back to life, closing the natural nursing materials .
Newsha Smoothing Treatment  120 min.                    300       350
In about an hour, the Triple S. Smoothing System gives you sleek, straight hair for up to six months. Thanks to five highly effective amino acids, the Triple S. Liquid takes hair from frizzy and unruly to smooth and sleek, all while maintaining its natural volume without losing your underlying natural body. Hair is noticeably healthier, stronger, and regenerated.  Last for 4 to 6 months.
Customized Keratin Treatments 
Formaldehyde Free Formulations
Anti-Aging Restoration                                            30 min.   $100
Express treatment to restore hair condition.
Define & Maintain Curl                                             45 min.   $250
Maintain and define curl without the frizz.
Freeze Control                                                          75 min.   $295
De frizz and reduce the curl of the hair.
Curl Reducer                                                             90 min.   $325
Defrizz, smooth and limit curl of the hair.
* All of the above keratin services include full size home care systems in the price of your service. Last approximately 3 to 4 months.