Massage Therapy

Swedish Relaxation                   
  60 min.     105                          90 min.     130
A light relaxation massage.
Therapeutic Island Relief       
  60 min.     135                90 min.    165
Moderate to deep pressure techniques customized for your specific needs to relieve tension knots, increase circulation, and remove lactic acid.
Back Massage
Oasis Paradise Massage     
60 min.  150            90 min.   225
You will leave your stress behind as you enter into paradise.  Your Oasis Paradise massage is and exclusive mix of modalities that are customized to your specific needs.  Tropical oil scents infuse the air while salt stones, and bamboo rods encourage your sore muscles to relax and surrender, restore balance and increase your positive energy flow.  Your trip to paradise includes your five minutes to prepare for takeoff and departure.
Deep Tissue Bamboo      75 min.    155
Warm bamboo shoots infused with therapeutic oils break down adhesions with a variety of rolling, sliding, and pressure point movements. Designed for chronic tight, painful muscles and injury recovery.
Warming Candle Light Massage Add on     20
Relax your senses with our new CBD 3-in-1 blend candle massage. As your personal candle melts into a warm CBD oil concentration, your skin will be soothed and your stress will be banished away. 
* THC free, non-psychoactive, 100% vegan free
Reflexology Add on                    30 min.     40
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