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Massage Therapy

Back Massage
Swedish Relaxation                   
  60 min.     110                          80 min.     150
A classic massage designed to loosen up tight muscles and will release tension in lower back shoulders and neck.
Reiki Session
  30 min.     80                60 min.    140
Are you feeling stuck, stressed out, can't sleep?  Your Reiki session will assist you in releasing the toxic energy and renew your physical and emotion process of healing. This ancient Tibetan energy balance treatment is a non-manipulative, so you may find this helpful before and after surgeries, during illnesses and can also be incorporated with other treatments.  Balancing your Chakras to maintain and prevent illnesses. 
Oasis Paradise Massage     
60 min.  150            80 min.   225
You will leave your stress behind as you enter into paradise.  Your Oasis Paradise massage is and exclusive mix of modalities that are customized to your specific needs.  Tropical oil scents infuse the air while salt stones, and bamboo rods encourage your sore muscles to relax and surrender, restore balance and increase your positive energy flow.  Your trip to paradise includes your five minutes to prepare for takeoff and departure.
Salt Stone Massage      60 min.  129     80 min. 149
Hand carved stones from the Himalayan mountains turn your massage into a deeply therapeutic and relaxing treat.  Your salt stone contains 84 minerals that restore and balance your depleted muscles and balance your body.  As the delightfully warm salt stones glide over your body your tension and toxicity will leave your body in a total state of relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage     50 min.   120      80 min. 170

A firm to deep pressure designed to alleviate certainly discomforts and promote muscle recovery with improved motion and flexibility.  Your therapist will assess your individual needs and work with you to crate a well balanced massage.  Please note that there is often soreness for sometimes several days prior.  Your choice of whole body or site specific,

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